Let your pencils do the talking

Mark making is a great way to really express yourself! Today I was inspired by the colour palette I identified on a boomerang decorated with aboriginal art in Australia and how beautiful the patterns were on it; if you are unfamiliar with aboriginal art it is really worth looking into as it is not only beautiful but full of meaning too. From here I decided to just grab a scrap of paper and let my pencil go for a walk on the page and fill the random shapes in with my colour palette.


This is what I started off with but as I keep mentioning you should never be afraid to always push your designs further! That is the lesson I was originally terrified of hearing at art college; when you think your finished your design, continue working on it without restrictions! In this design I wanted my pattern to be able to be suitably applied to textiles, possibly in the form of wallpaper or even a jacquard weave, so through the use of mirroring and repeat I created the pattern above. If you want to imagine your designs as the product they are intended for, a quick visualisation on photoshop is a very useful way of realising whether your pattern will work in its intended purpose.

Furthermore, this kind of pattern is a really simple and effective way to test out your colour palettes quickly whilst having great fun expressing yourself!


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