Exploring the vintage style

Today I have been busy hunting through the many vintage shops in Sydney for a variety of inspiring images to share. There is one thing for sure about the shops I visited, although many of them are small and often tucked away they are jam packed full of an abundance of powerful patterns and colours, making them a guaranteed place of inspiration. It’s useful, if you can, to hang contrasting garments together so that you can get a variety of ideas for your designs and appreciate the differences before you (the feature image is an example of this demonstrating prints from animal to floral).

What I love about vintage fashion is that the prints on the garments are often very daring and brightly coloured and present influences from a variety of sources. Below I have displayed just a snapshot of the research I gathered today to illustrate the great variety of pattern that has been produced over the decades.

Within this group of fabrics identify the different ways florals have been illustrated and the use of spots.
Abstract and expressive ink splashes are highly effective on this quirky dress!
Demonstrating the great variety in fashion textiles over the decades.
Simple conversational print that you can easily be inspired by!
A beautiful, timeless print that is truly inspirational.

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