Using reflections as a source to inspire your designs can produce a wide range of interesting and effective results and I am going to kickstart your creative ideas with two of mine.

For all the WEAVERS out there you can gather information from this source to help plan every aspect of your design. Let’s start at the beginning; choosing your YARN. Personally I love using wool to produce contemporary fabrics inspired by tradition, but with this image I feel a silk and monofilament mix would make a soft, partly translucent fabric with a sheen, to really show the inspiration behind it. Then you have to decide how you are going to DYE your yarn. A well considered dip-dye would be effective here, especially in the warp, to highlight the graduation of colour from the building into the reflection. Now your PATTERN. I would use a draft which allows you to produce distortions so that you can really draw on the reflection elements, possibly including some floats, and would be daring with the yarns I use in the weft.

In terms of PRINTING I would focus on CONTRAST. Really try to draw on sharp crisp imagery against the distorted to highlight the reflections. The same principles can be applied to your COLOUR. Use the same hues just vary their saturation to relate to the contrast and make sure you test these principles out on a range of different FABRIC weights to see which complements this contrast the best.

Now go and be CREATIVE!

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