Colour Inspiration and mark making

These beautiful interior fabrics are created by Lalie Design who have collections full of colourful printed textiles which include a wide range of imagery, so there is lots to be inspired by.

After seeing this image I hope that you will exercise two main things. Firstly the obvious; be daring with colour! Bright is beautiful and will capture the attention of your audience. Secondly I believe that some of the most exciting and innovative designs are produced from simple mark making: if you are totally relaxed and free with the way you use your medium, you are guaranteed to produce something unexpected, something that could not have been visualised before. Then, once you’ve got your experimental marks push them further by layering them up, using papers and fabrics of different translucency and by having a play on photoshop and digital editing.

So be creative and don’t restrict yourself! Let the colours on your pages move how they want to (ink is especially good for movement when you rotate your paper) and you will surprise yourself with some fantastic abstract patterns!


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