Ornate metal-work

This spiralling staircase really captured my attention when I saw it. The level of detail achieved by his craftsmanship is exquisite, creating perfectly formed shapes which remain uniform throughout the feature. It is such a beautiful ornamental structure that could inspire a whole host of different crafts.

I won’t go into all of the ways this image could be translated into new designs but I’ll give you some ideas to get your inspiration flowing. Consider block printing with different combinations of ornate motifs to capture the perfection archived this structure. For the weavers out there look for drafts and lifting plans which create these small features across your fabric; they dont even have to be that complicated, I have achieved ornate motifs using 8-16 shafts plans before and they can be really striking if you consider your yarn and colour choices. And finally if you just love drawing, grab some tracing paper and get experimenting with your silhouettes!


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