Beautiful butterflies

Butterflies have got to be considered one of natures most beautiful creatures as their wings are simply spectacular! The detailed, perfectly balanced pattern on them is something that has inspired designers a lot over the years, especially in textile design. Matthew Williamson has created some stunning garments with prints on them inspired by butterflies and they are defiantly a good reference and worth a spot on your mood board if you want to create a collection based around this theme.

If you are creating designs inspired by butterflies a lot of pattern inspiration is right at your fingertips and it’s then your job to utilise these features creatively. Experiment with mirroring and abstracting the patterns so they don’t nessesarily take the form of butterflies but it is clear what the essence of the design is. Minipulate these patterns, experiment with colour and be bold with your marks to create a very striking design. Here I have shared with you one of my illustrations so that you can see how strking the marks on butterflies are and hopefully this will help you get ideas for your work!

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