A must see: Burberry’s Patchwork, Pattern and Prints Collection!

London Fashion week was full of design gems but this collection really stood out for me! I am in love with the contrasting mix of patterns Burberry have presented for their AW15 collection and it really highlights the impact pattern can have in fashion. Their suitably named range offers a very eclectic folk and bohemian type influence, complemented strongly by details such as fringing and layering of pattern.

I wanted to comment on this collection for two main reasons, along with the fact that I was taken aback when I saw it as it is fantastic! Firstly, it really highlights the principle of being daring with pattern; why wear one when you can wear two, three or in this case lots! Playing it safe often fails to create as much of an impact as when you push boundaries in pattern combinations; by taking a risk we can all try take our designs to the next level and stand out from what has already been done. Here Burberry have been daring and utilised lots of different patterns including Paisley and bohemian florals, resulting in garments with the wow factor.

Secondly I think their use of colour is worth noting. Their collection has a strong colour presence without it being over the top or stark. Have a look how they have used multiple hues and tones so that they all work together and if you are inspired by this collection really spend some time learning from their use of colour so that you are happy with how you apply it to your own work. It is clear a collection like this had an awful lot of work put into it so be patient when you begin yours, but it definitely proves that hard work pays off!

(Note: the feature image is from Wonderland magazine’s website)


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