Oriental collage illustration

I stumbled across this lovely illustration this morning in a Tachikawa blinds catalogue! It is beautiful how what I believe to be a abstract illustration of a lady contrasts strongly against the range of patterns they have used for her garment.  The collage type style creates a fullness in the fabric within her garment and gives a sense of depth.

I am inspired by this image and can’t wait to create lots of small patterned pieces of paper and experiment with collaging them in different ways to represent different images. This is also potentially a good technique to use if you enjoy creating fashion illustrations! If you are not a fan of drawing this is still something thou could try by gathering together a variety of fabrics and papers and getting scissor happy, creating different combinations and colour variations very quickly! Below I have shown another image from their cataloge how they have simply used a collage technique to create an abrast feature spread.

Tachikawa catalogue image

I am now very excited about travelling to Asia and gathering lots of amazing and inspiring images!

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