Creating a visual maze

This lovely wallpaper, painting combination is from the Unicorn Hotel in Sydney. I love the contrast between the geometric wallpaper and the painting in terms of style, whilst the colours are very complimentary. 

The wallpaper is a great example of how to create an effective half drop repeat pattern without being overly complicated. The pattern flows perfectly throughout, a skill which can take some practice and is worth leaning how to do both by hand and digitally so that you can switch between the two as it is appropriate. If you do need any advise on how to produce these please feel free to message me or refer to one of the many useful guide books there are available for designers!

Gathering inspiration from optical illusions could be useful here as a starting point as they really capture the viewers attention and create the most amazing patterns which can be used in all kinds of disciplines including print, weave etc. You may need to stock up on tracing paper and pencils if you are going to challenge yourself to create your own visual maze and get ready for trial and error but I promise you will enjoy the process and adore the outcomes!


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