Lost in colour

I find spending my evenings drawing and playing with colour (with plenty of cups of tea) a great way to unwind and relax.

As I am currently skipping around the world I am fairly limited with the materials I can carry; each day is already a test of how far I can drag my bag without having to attempt to pick it up! This means that’s I am having to realy on few materials to translate my ideas and enjoy planning my patterns to develop when I get home.

Here I am planning a warp for when I get back to weaving. It will be multi coloured and have a predominantly white/cream weft so that the warp is a key feature, which will be a development some of the my past designs. I love this stage of designing when you are just playing with colour palletes and line compositions to translate later and even if you do not weave it is still very fun to create patterns this way. They don’t have to be the most sophisticated of pieces just make sure you are happy you have at least attempted each idea you have thought about, even if they don’t quite work or you end up taking an alternative path. I believe colour is fundamental in pattern and the more you experiment with it, the more you will love it and feel more confident in the way you use it in your work.

So grab your pencils and have a colourful day!


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