Liebster marathon nomination

The other day I was happy to hear that I had been nominated to take part in the Liebster Marathon by the blogger behind Cherry and Mint, Zoey ( . Cherry and Mint is a lovely blog which you should check out and I really appreciate the nomination! So now let’s get to it:

The Rules:
Link back to the person that nominated you.
Answer the questions given to you by the nominator.
Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers.
Create 11 questions for the nominees.
Notify all nominees via social media/ blogs.

Here are my answers to the questions given to me by Zoey:

1.What is your blog about? ‘The Pattern Detective’ is a bank of imagery, tools and ideas to help inspire creative individuals. My site depicts everything that I find inspiring, the overlooked beauty that surrounds us and I use my own experience as a textile designer to help me capture images that I believe could inspire project ideas and give my own suggestions of they could be used within the design process.

2. What made you start this blog? When I was at university I found myself in my element when we were given an open brief because I love creating new concepts and gathering research together on mood boards and research files. However I appreciate that some designers find the starting point the hardest part of a project, struggling to commit to a theme and bouncing around ideas so I wanted to create a site which offered up some ideas to help designers get the ball rolling.

3. Why do you think people should visit? If you need inspiration for a project or are researching a particular theme, hopefully there is something on my site to help get you started. I try my best to make it a useful tool for creatives by exploring a variety of themes to provide a bank of imagery and snippets of my own advice.

4. Is there something you’ve learned so far through blogging you want to share? The most important thing I’ve learnt so far is that you gain so much more from what your doing if you enjoy creating it. I only began blogging at the end of last year and there has been a lot of trial and error in getting the blog going but I’ve learnt that it really helps you to gather your ideas and is a lot of fun!

5. Where do you get your inspiration from? I get my inspiration from everything around me, from nature, textiles, architecture, fashion and those random everyday things that you often overlook. Inspiration is everywhere you just have to see it!

6. Tell us a dream you want to accomplish I would love one day to have my own business which represents beautiful designers and artists. It’s a big dream but you never know what’s around the corner!

7. Best experience through blog so far? When people like and share my posts it’s great encouragement to keep going!

8. What are your hobbies apart from blogging? As I am currently travelling my hobbies include a lot of walking and running to explore the wonderful sites the world has to offer! I love to swim in the sea and relax by drawing and reading.

9. Tell us one thing you could not live without Yorkshire tea! As we are from Yorkshire me and my boyfriend enjoy lots of cups of tea during the day and love it when we receive a parcel from home with a box of tea tucked in it!

10. Places you want to visit? There are so many! Hopefully I’ll be visiting some over this year but at some point in life I really want to visit Machu Picchu, Fox Glacier, Lake Taupo, Florence, St Petersburg and the list continues!

11. What is your next move with your blog? I haven’t got an exact plan of where I will go from here but I hope to take more suggestions from people who view the site and look into including some more secondary research posts.

Now it’s my turn to ask you the questions! I nominate:

Kate Leonard Illustration
Whisk Until Sweet
Seams and Daydreams
Phillip Jones
To Make a Home
Charlotte Gaisford Surfaces
Kyrrha sevco
Deborah Ballinger Illustrations

My questions are:

What are the three best words that would sum up what your blog is about?
Why did you start your blog?
Where do you look for you inspiration?
Is there a particular person/ company, book or magazine which inspires you the most?
What is your favourite post you’ve written and why?
What’s the most important thing you have learnt through blogging?
Do you have any plans for what you will do next on your blog?
What is your favourite place in the world?
What do you like to do in your spare time?
If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would you meet?
What is the one thing you couldn’t live without?


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