Travel Inspired Gifts!

I have embarked on a new project since I have returned back to the UK from my travels, combining all the research I have gathered from the most incredible places in the world with my passion for design. I am sorry I have been quiet for so long, it has been a crazyyyyy 6 months for me, but I am back now! My first product of the new collection, crafted by crooks, was launched on my etsy store just yesterday!

My previous posts have expressed my love of pattern and colour and the research I have gathered has inspired the designs that I am working on now! Here is a peakof my first product:


Elephant travel gifts

The colours and patterns are inspired by many of the temples we visited but I have given them more of a bold graphic edge. I just love elephants and any excuse to draw them and decorate my home with accessories is grasped with two hands!

I would love any feedback you have on my initial product release and they are available to purchase on  etsy now!







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