The beauty and detail surrounding us is often unintentionally overlooked. As a textile designer myself, I have always been passionate about researching original concepts to create unique design collections, something that would make people stop and think about what my designs depict and the story they are telling. The pattern detective exposes the wealth of pattern and inspiration around us, containing it in one bank of ideas and a starting point for design projects. There is no longer a need to be daunted by the millions of results search engines produce when you are trying to get an overview of ideas; look here and if you still cannot find the perfect idea for you let me know, I will find it! I am currently travelling the world investigating more unique ideas and inspirational images to initiate future projects. So if you are looking for a specific theme or starting point, or just want to discuss some ideas, contact me and I will assist in your research! Who am I? My name is Rachel Crooks, a graduate from Loughborough University where I achieved a First Class Degree in BA (Honours) Textiles: Innovation and Design.

If your interested in seeing a snapshot of some of my work have a look on http://www.rachelcrooksdesign.com I hope you like it!

I would love to hear from you so please contact me at rachel.crooks23@gmail.com or thepatterndetective.com and Follow me on Twitter @thepatterndet

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